Dear Divorcée, – Rebuild Your Self Confidence.

Dear Divorcée,

The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you. -William Jennings Bryan

Oftentimes, divorce has a way of stripping away self confidence. The trials and transitions can make you feel incapable, or fearful. One of the ways that self confidence is built, is through pushing yourself beyond fear and making accomplishments. Think back over the course of your life, and reflect on something that you were afraid of, but pushed through anyway. 
For women, having your first child is a great example. When the labor pains arrive, there is a sense of fear of the unknown. As the labor intensifies, you get impatient, but when it’s time to push, you give it all you’ve got. You push beyond the pain and discomfort to birth your baby and when you see that little face, you recognize that it was worth it, and you felt accomplished.
In order to rebuild your self confidence, you must push beyond your pain and fears. Begin with setting small goals for yourself on a weekly basis. As you accomplish those goals, it will continuously build your confidence a little at a time. Give yourself time and grace to rebuild.

What was the last thing thing that you accomplished and felt really good about? Focus on that, and know that you have great abilities within you. Keep Moving Forward.

Andrea M. Stuckey

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