Dear Divorcée, – Dealing with Your Former Spouse’s New Relationship

Dear Divorcée,
There will come a time following a divorce, when you are coparenting, and a new romantic relationship comes on the scene. How will you handle it?
New relationships and remarriage of a former spouse can re-trigger the grieving process. If you have children and are coparenting, there are several things that you want to keep in mind in order for your children to remain stable during those transitions.
1. Don’t make your child feel disloyal for enjoying time with their other parent and new relationship.
        Allow them to thoroughly enjoy time with their other parent without feeling guilty.

2. Be accepting of the new relationship. 
        Discuss any true concerns with the other parent and not to the children.

3. Be flexible.
        Recognize that with a new mate and responsibilities that the other parent’s schedule may change until the transition becomes normal for all involved.

4. Keep a positive attitude. 
        Your children are watching you and will feed off of your behavior.

5. If you truly believe that the children are in danger or harms way, seek the proper support or legal counsel.
        Be sure not to conjure up issues that are not true or important because of your own emotional pain. It will only hurt the children in the long run.

Transitioning after a divorce encompasses a host of new territory for all involved. Always make it a habit to be fair and do the right thing, so that the right thing will always be done to you.
Hang in there! You are so much stronger than you think.

-Andrea M. Stuckey 
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