Dear Divorcée, – Take Time to HEAL.

Dear Divorcée, 

Divorce is such a painful process. There is no way to describe the type of hurt , guilt and rejection, that plagues a divorcée. As we travel the divorce recovery  journey, oftentimes, we are looking for something or someone to ease that pain. The truth of the matter is that there is no quick fix.

If we really want to have an opportunity for a healthier and happier life, or we desire to have a healthy relationship in the future, we must give ourselves grace, time, and patience along this journey. 

Evaluate what has happened, reflect on your part, forgive yourself, forgive others and let go. This is not an easy process, but very very necessary. It’s necessary for you to have that life that you desire. Yes, there is a happy future available to you. There is so much more life to live, and love to give and receive.

Be encouraged and be graceful to yourself.

Andrea M. Stuckey

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