Dear Divorcée, Do you still believe in love?

Dear Divorcée,

Oftentimes, after the devastation of a divorce or broken relationship, we may lose faith in love relationships and the thought of being loved. It’s understandable to a degree. Depending on how far along you are in your divorce recovery journey, you may be considering the thought of love again. I have been through two devastating divorces, and I still believe in love and marriage. Be encouraged with the fact that we have an opportunity to learn and grow and REALLY take time to reflect on who we are as individuals, and what our relationship needs, wants, and desires are. If we take time to put in the work, and learn about what constitutes healthy relationships, we have a great opportunity to love again. Love never fails. There is still so much more life to live, and love still wins. It takes time, patience, growth, and hard work. Do you still believe in love?

Andrea M. Stuckey

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