Dear Divorcée, – Reflection Is Vital

Dear Divorcèe,

It is impossible to move forward if you do not reflect on what has happened in your past relationship and the foundations of your life. The truth is our past experiences in our childhood and early adult life have a huge contribution to who we have become those experiences are both positive and negative, but they have shaped us none the less.
Take time to reflect and look over your early life and your marriage. Identify your recurring challenges and begin to work on yourself in those areas. Those areas may be anger, bitterness, shame, guilt, procrastination, inconsistency, financial issues, jealousy or a host of other attributes that are not positive. 
You only have one you and one life. What is your desire for the next season of your life? You will have to invest in yourself and make some changes one step at a time.
There is still so much more life to live and you want to be ready for whatever life has to offer. 
“If nothing changes, nothing changes.”
Blessings, peace, and encouragement,
Andrea M. Stuckey
Live Life Luvd


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