Dear Divorcée- Life Changes Are Okay

Dear Divorcée,
I was recently talking with a friend about cooking meals and the like. I began to share how I used to cook three meals a day, bake my own bread from scratch ( even milling the wheat)and baking cakes and cookies. After the conversation, I realized how much my life has changed. To be honest, I felt a little sad.
I felt a little sad that I really can’t devote the time to those cooking adventures on a regular basis. As a single mom of an adult daughter ( who lives on her own), and a tween daughter, I realistically couldn’t do all of those things with my current responsibilities. I had to do a little self talk. I’m not cooking and baking outside of normal meals, but it’s okay. My life is full of meaningful friendships, family, and purpose. I am in a new season, and I can’t be everything to everybody.
In this season, I have traded baking bread for writing books. I am developing programs with purpose and coaching and imparting into people on a daily basis. To God be the glory!
Life will not be the same post divorce. We must embrace the change and the current season of our lives. It’s okay if there are things that we have to put on the back burner as a single parent or divorcée. We lose some things but we can gain much more, just in a different way.
Embrace the exchange.
-Andrea M. Stuckey

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