Dear Divorcée, – Expect Transitions

Dear Divorcée,
It’s time for back to school shopping. It reminds me of the year that I was transitioning my daughters into new learning environments after leaving my ex husband and going through a divorce. I knew that It was going to be very different in many ways.
My oldest daughter was going to be s senior in our local public high school, and had been homeschooled for 10 years. She was already taking some of her classes at a local community college, playing travel basketball, highly social, knew a lot of the kids from sports, but I was highly, highly concerned about how her experience would be as a senior.
My youngest daughter had never been to a traditional school. I taught her from preschool through first grade. I taught her how to read and used a popular school curriculum at home with her. She was very smart, but very shy and quiet. She would be going to a local private school entering second grade. I was really concerned about how she would adapt.
I just couldn’t continue to teach them at home and work the night shift. I was exhausted. I felt like a failure, and I felt guilty that they had to undergo these new changes. They each went to their individual environments and excelled. My oldest daughter was inducted in the National Honor Society, played on the Varsity basketball team and had a normal Senior year like the rest of her peers. She was accepted to numerous colleges, received academic scholarships, and went on to study civil engineering at a state university. My youngest had a few challenges adapting to some of the basics like the flow of the school days etc. Shortly thereafter, she fit in like all the rest of the children. She is still at that school, an honor student, competitive gymnast and cheerleader. Both girls did just fine.
You may be facing similar changes on today. You may be physically transitioning many areas of your life. I just want to encourage you that through the various changes, you and your children will okay. Don’t allow the overwhelm of changes to consume you. Just don’t make too many changes at once. Take care of yourself. Breathe. They and you are so much stronger than you think.
-Andrea M. Stuckey

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