Dear Divorcée -Choose Happiness

Dear Divorcée,
We must be conscious of all of the deposits that we allow in our lives, that will chip away at our opportunity for a happy life.
As I initially began my divorce recovery journey, I was very fragile and full of many varying emotions. One minute I was happy, the next I was sad, fearful, and overwhelmed. I had to begin to look at the root and cause of my varying emotions.
I felt happy and excited when I was well rested, was exercising on some level, reading positive and uplifting books, and eating well. I noticed that I was unhappy and overwhelmed when I did not have proper rest, or exercise and when I reveled in old songs, watched sad movies or continued to rehash my marriage with family and friends. I realized that my happiness, peace and freedom will take a conscious effort every day of my life.
Yes, everyday. I recognize the impact of all the negativity that we are open to on a daily basis. Even to this day, there are activities that I won’t engage in. There are things that I don’t watch or listen to. There are also certain individuals that I limit my time with.
We have to make conscious decisions to choose happiness. Happiness is not dictated by life’s circumstances, it is a choice and a mindset.
As you travel along your journey, pay attention and be mindful of the deposits into your life. Recognize your feelings and emotions upon exposure to certain things.
Choose happiness.
-Andrea M. Stuckey


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