Dear Divorcée – Don’t Pick Your Old Wound.

Dear Divorcée, 
You may feel overwhelmed with the great array of tasks that are before you. You may be on that emotional roller coaster, or perhaps you are a little farther along your divorce journey. I just want you to know that time heals wounds, as long as you don’t continue to pick the scab.
As you walk along your journey, it is vital to your recovery, that the feel and own your emotions. At some point though, you must choose to accept where you are, forgive yourself, forgive your ex and leave the past in the past. Focus on the next chapter of your life. Don’t keep picking the scab of your old wound.
You are an overcomer. You now have the great opportunity to write your next chapter of your life and watch it unfold. Continue to grow and change for the better. There is so much more life to live. You will live again, love again, and laugh again. 
I promise.
-Andrea Stuckey 


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