Dear Divorcée-Personal Reflection

Dear Divorcée,

They were times in my marriage, where I really felt at my lowest. I often wrote to release my sadness in the midst of that relationship. This a poem that I wrote during that time. It allows me to reflect on where I was, and where I am now.

I am not an advocate of divorce, because marriage is God’s perfect will. However, every situation is different, and for me, divorce was inevitable. I am thankful that God moved me beyond such a low point.

Sometimes we have to look past former hurts, to be grateful for where we are now, no matter what the situation currently looks like.

Use your past to propel your future.

-Andrea Stuckey
No Cure…

Dreary.. Weary..
My Heart Pours
Out All The Old Blood
And Pain

How do you fix the hole?
The emptiness..
Seems like no surgery
Can repair.

Vessels and veins
Leak failures
And disappointments
No doctor can diagnose

No cure
Only a miracle…

-Andrea Stuckey


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