Dear Divorcée – You are capable.

Dear Divorcée,
Do You believe in you? Have faith in God, and also have faith in yourself and your abilities.
Oftentimes in marriage, we allowed our spouses to do a lot of things for us, that we didn’t do for ourselves. That’s okay. It’s just that now you may have to do things that are uncomfortable and unfamiliar. You may not feel that you are capable, but you are.
When I was married, my ex husband handled all major financial decisions, he took the cars when they needed service work , he planned our trips, he took care of repairs etc. Initially after separating, I was used to defaulting to him for insight and questions which for me, was not a good thing. I began to seek God for guidance in certain areas, and I began to do my own research. I needed to learn how to make my own decisions.
What type of oil did I need in my old car? What type of insurance did I need for my new car? How often did my car need to be inspected? How much should I save/ invest for retirement? What about this new lawn I have, who’s going to cut it? What temperature should I keep the thermostat? I forgot to take the trash to the curbside too many times to count. I think that you get the picture. 
Along with God’s guidance, I read a lot about areas that I needed instruction. I had to develop in those areas. I also asked good friends and trusted family members for advice and assistance and suggestions. As you make new decisions, and become used to doing these things, your confidence will grow. With God on your side, you are more that capable.
Now I am an old pro at many things, but occasionally have challenges with other things. I’m still growing in areas, but I know that I am capable. That is what life is about, growing and developing.
Have faith in God, and have faith in yourself. Everything that you need is on the inside of you. Let your light rise and shine for the world to see!
-Andrea Stuckey

Andrea Stuckey


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