Dear Divorcée-One day at a time.

Dear Divorcée,

I know how it feels to be walking the divorce journey. I have been divorced twice.
My first husband literally walked out (via taxi) when my oldest daughter (now22) was 16 months old. I was in a state away from my family, and was not working full-time but at a new job. The car needed service work and was not drivable. I had to sink or swim.
I was able to have some family visit temporarily to help with child care while I quietly took a taxi to and from work, until I could get reliable transportation.
I was broke, embarrassed, stressed, angry, and wanted to throw in the towel. I prayed to God for strength, that I’d just get through one day at a time. I focused on what was important for that day only, then the next and then the next.
You may find yourself broke, embarrassed, stressed, or angry. You may be feeling like you want to throw in the towel. DON’T! God will strengthen you. You can, and you will make it. ONE DAY AT A TIME…

-Andrea Stuckey


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